Recent works are now on SPACE CADET, the online gallery for emerging photographers from Japan.
近作がオンラインギャラリーSPACE CADETにて公開されました。

TH on Miss Rosen

5 images selected by Sara Rosen and texts by TH are on MissRosen


Melodias is on 16th Annual Friends of Friends of photography Auction

Melodias is on 16th Annual Friends of Friends Photography Auction



TH is on SPBH

10 selected images from my 2 series of recent works are on Self Publish, Be Happy.
Thanks a lot, Bruno san!
ロンドンの写真集専門サイト、Self Publish, Be Happy に近作10点が掲載されています。

Pasted Graphic

The Ricecookers New Images

This summer I worked with The Ricecookers for their Summer Japan tour.

The Ricecookers New EP


The Rice Cookers will release their EP “ Paradise” in 23th March. 20012.
For their amazing EP I offered them one of my artwork from a series of photography “ New Landscape”.

を拠点に活動するバンド、The Rice Cookers のミニアルバムのジャケットに作品を提供しました。

TNISY Review by Kotaro Iizawa


This Is Photography 2: Chronicle 2010 By Kotaro Iizawa
これが写真だ!2 飯沢耕太郎著 書苑新社

The Ricecookers " Karuna" PV by TH

TH & C.S.Z on

I got interviewed from, the online magazine with C.Snatch Z.

Jai Arun Ravine: What was the OK Girls’ relationship to the Osaka drag performance scene?
Tomoaki Hata: The OK Girls are an alternative side of the Japanese performing art group,
Dumb Type. Dumb Type is one of the most successful media arts/performing arts groups from Japan, and Teiji Furuhashi, one of the founders of Dumb Type, also started his career as a drag queen in New York in the late 80s and then started the first drag queen party scene in Kyoto and Osaka tagged with another drag queen, Simone Fukayuki, the author of an essay for my book.
C.Snatch Z.: In Dumb Type we had directors in various fields, such as visual images, sound, fine arts, architecture and contemporary dance. We created one work with each director’s various ideas. A [cohesive] work was created each time. I belonged to them from 1990 until 2010. We toured all over the world. Teiji Furuhashi established the amazing drag queen party “Diamonds are Forever” in the Kansai area with Simone Fukayuki and Toru Yamanaka, who is a sound creator. That’s why me and other members related to that party easily. It was so exciting at that time.

A New Commercial Work: The Ricecookers

This early summer after having my first solo show in NY, I had a chance to work with The Ricecookers, The NY based Japanese rock band.

TNISNY NY is listed on NY Time Out

TNISY in NY@ MIYAKO YOSHINAGA is listed on “ 15 best things to do this week “ on NY Time Out Magazine.

TNISY Exhibition in NY

MIYAKO YOSHINAGA art prospects Press Release
Contact: tel. +1 212 268 7132
547 West 27th Street, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001 USA 212. 268. 7132 / / Tues. - Sat. 11am – 6pm
Tomoaki Hata ”The Night is Still Young”
March 10– April 9, 2011
MIYAKO YOSHINAGA art prospects is pleased to present The Night Is Still Young, an exhibition by
Tokyo- and Los Angeles-based photography artist Tomoaki Hata. The exhibition will run from March 10 to
April 9, 2011. The opening and book-launching party will be held Thurdsday, March 10, 6-8PM.
In recent news headlines, Japan, once Asia’s economic superpower, has been portrayed as having lost its edge.
Meanwhile, from the late 1990s to the early 2000s it became home to a vigorous burst of self-expression by
one of the most secretive subcultures of Japanese society. Gender-bending men and women, who in their dayto-
day lives conform to societal norms, began to gather weekly at small nightclubs in the gay district of Osaka
to cut loose and be themselves. The epicenter of this phenomenon was a bar called
Explosion, where radically
creative, smart, and witty drag queens combined art and activism in a talent show format.
In 1996, Hata, then a college student, began documenting these exuberant late-night parties and continued to
do so until 2004. Now considered a rare chronicle of the nation’s first drag queen movement, these
photographs were edited as a monograph entitled
The Night is Still Young and published both in Japanese
(Akaakasha) and English (powerHouse Books) in 2010. Our exhibition follows on the heel of its Tokyo debut
last October and presents a selection of 25 images that highlight the movement’s heyday in the early 2000s.
The glamour and self-assurance of Hata’s drag queens, both on and off-stage, come to life in these color
photographs, but along with the glitter, Hata also shows the seedy side of the life and explores moments of
loneliness and despair. Like Boogie, a street photographer he admires, Hata gives himself up to the stream of
happenings, observing the outrageous, out-of-control crowd with calm affection. Interspersed with the highenergy
photographs of partiers and onlookers, Hata zeros in on an intimate portrayal of a male couple
(originally shot for the City of Osaka’s safe-sex campaign).
The Night Is Still Young provides an ardent
testimony of the time, through which we may glimpse not only the make-believe extravaganza but also the
poignant humanity underlying this obscure world.
Born in 1974, Tomoaki Hata works primarily in Los Angeles and Tokyo. After more than ten years of
education in law, sociology, media studies, cultural studies, and art criticism in Japan, Hata began his career as
a photographer, shooting Japan’s groundbreaking HIV/AIDS benefit dance parties as well as for Japan’s gay
porn industry. Hata’s photography is part of the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France and is included in other
private collections worldwide.

MIYAKO YOSHINAGA art prospects

TNISY is on OUT magzine

Can’t read the text? Just go and get OUT at any book store.

OUT Magazine

TNIS is on Time Out Cicago

Editor Jason Heidemann’s picks for the modern queer.

“Big in Japan :L.A.-based shutterbug Tomoaki Hata’s new The Night Is Still Young (powerHouse, $24.95) offers a seedy and sequined look at Osaka’s drag scene over the past dozen years. Shot inside the tiny clubs crammed into the back alleys of the Umeda shopping district, these gorgeous glam pics provide a boozy yet glittery snapshot of Japan’s emerging queer culture.”

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TNISY is on Barnes & Noble Studio

Barnes & Noble Studio shows the preview movie of The Night Is Still Young.
A Perfect Christmas gift for kids.

TNISY is on Advocate

Artist Spotlight: Tomoaki Hata

The Advocate:Why are you a photographer? Tomoaki Hata: When I was a kid, the first thing I bought for myself from my savings was a tiny compact camera from Fuji. After that, I eventually found an old Nikon SLR camera that had been thrown away in some bushes [along with a Korean passport]. With this camera, I took pictures of my grandfather, who passed away two weeks later. It seems like I was destined to be a photographer.
What catches your eye?
I wonder if any drag queen that never catches people's eye would ever exist ...
How do you choose your subjects?
I really did not choose drag queens as subjects, they chose me. Since I had been hanging out in the Kyoto drag scene for a long time, they were comfortable with me and let me shoot portraits. Also, I think they were more open to being photographed because the drag performances were parties to benefit Japan's emerging HIV education programs.
How do you describe your work?
The drag scene in Japan is very much underground. Taking candid portraits of the performers in various stages of dress was a rare chance to share this underground scene and give publicity to the HIV education movement. No photos of this scene had ever been published outside of Japan.
What makes a good photograph to you?
To take a good photograph, I need to be a part of the event and dive into the environment. Sharing their experience of getting ready and performing, we're all having fun, and together we can capture that feeling on film.
Who are your favorite artists? And why?
Boogie, Jeff Burton, and Slava Mogutin. These artists can really capture the richness of the dark side of culture in the U.S.

 Group *** Party

People keep reaching to my website by searching “ Sex Party” over 6 months. Sorry guys, this is not the real sex party information.

Pop Killer, The most cutting edge apparel brand in LA, Collaborates with TNISY and released a Tshirt tonight...

TNISY is on The Crack

The Night Is Young Tomoaki Hata, Powerhouse Books, £17.99 “This remarkable book of photographs by Los Angeles-based, Japanese photographer Tomoaki Hata, documents the underground club scene of Osaka’s gay district, specifically that of the drag queens. “Drag Queen”, as a term, wasn’t even heard in Japan until the 1980s, and it wasn’t until the 1994 release of “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” that it became more widely known. Having said that, this was still very much an underground phenomenon, but Hata, in the 90s, went right to the heart of the scene to show us the remarkable flamboyance of the people involved in it, as well as detailing some of their more intimate moments. The trash aesthetic of much of Western drag often comes from a kitsch point of view, but the Japanese practitioners somehow appear to go beyond kitsch, bringing a fastidious attention to detail to their outfits and make-up, while still allowing their glamour to retain an almost hyper other-worldliness. The foreword informs us that the atmosphere captured in these photograph no longer exists but as a record of time and place, this is as an evocative collection of photographs as you’re likely to see. RM”

The Crack

TNISY solo show in Tokyo ( Japanese)

THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG」(夜はまだ早い)と題されたこのシリーズは、
主に2000年代前半のDrag Queen たちとそのシーンを撮影したもので、
この日より会場にて写真集『THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG』(定価2800円)を先行発売致します。



AKAAKA 東京都江東区白河2-5-10 TEL. 03-5620-1475 FAX. 03-5620-1479

TNISY is on eve without adam

The Japanese photographer Tomoaki Hata needed some time before he found his true profession. Not until ten years afterhis educations in law, sociology, media, cultural studies and art critic, he felt well enough prepared to start photographing in 1996. He quickly became well known for his pictures capturing Japan’s groundbreaking HIV/AIDS benefit dance parties and Japan’s gay porn industry. Hata’s photography is part of Collection Lambert in Avignon and is included in other private collections worldwide. With his upcoming book titled ‘The Night Is Still Young‘ he returns to his roots—the underground club scene of Osaka’s gay, nightlife district. Filled with intimate images of radically-creative drag queens who performed at various venues in the city from the late 1990s through the present, this book is a peek into a very special scene of the modern Japan.


英語版の写真集がwithout adam というサイトで紹介されています。